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The training system helps develop neck and back muscles. It encourages the horse to work in an outline that teaches self carriage.


- Adjustable roller

- Adjustable ropes and pulleys

- Sheepskin padded to reduce rubbing on the horse's back legs (Sheepskin is removable for washing purposes)

- One size only and fully adjustable to most horses or ponies

- Designed to be used whilst lunging

The training system includes the following; – 

Red tension line

Two blue tension lines

Sheepskin covered bungee

Roller with adjustable straps

4 static clips and 4 free-moving clip

John Whitaker Training Aid System

The John Whitaker Training Aid System is based on the Pessoa Lungeing system. The Training Aid helps create better positions, therefore creating muscle growth.

By using the principles in training of pressure and release, the John Whitaker Training Aid System will cause the horse’s back muscles to work harder. As a result, this, in turn, encourages muscle growth.

A padded and adjustable roller is sold with the John Whitaker Training Aid. Instructions are also supplied.

How do you use the John Whitaker Training Aid?

The Training Aid System can be used in four different positions. This depends on the horses level of fitness and training.

Stretching The Top Line

This encourages the horse to stretch the top line and, therefore, create correct muscle tone. You can use the system approximately two to three times a week for 15-20 minute sessions. Use in this position for at least six weeks before progressing. Some users prefer to use this position only.

Engaging The Hocks

In this position, The John Whitaker Training Aid System helps to lift the horse on the forehand and encourages it to engage the hocks correctly underneath.

Intermediate Training

In this position. Allow the horse to be relaxed through the jaw and the topline. This allows the horse to engage the hocks even further and the correct balance in any transition.

Advanced Training

This position is advised for advanced training and is also recommended for use by professionals with horses working and competing at an advanced level. Please note the third clip ropes are crossed over the horse’s withers before attached to the roller.

Whitaker Training System

£115.00 Regular Price
£98.90Sale Price
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