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Unicorn Sparkles Gift Set is a fun, non-toxic, bright & colourful way of encouraging children to become more involved with the grooming & care of their pony, as well as helping them to establish a deeper bond with their four-hooved friend!
BUT don't be afraid to release the child-in-you too!

They're also a great addition to fancy dress costumes, pony parties, charity events & more...! It's time to create your own real-life unicorn!
And with different colour options available, you can create a unique unicorn tailor-made to your event ;)

Contains - 50ml Eco-Glitter Hoof balm, 100ml Eco-Glitter Gel (Brush included inside lid), 24 piece Mane & Tail Chalks, 2×Tattoo Stencils, 1×Pony Glue & 2×Glitter pots.

How to use Eco-Glitter Hoof Balm:
The balm is an environmentally friendly, all-natural, nourishing balm that can be applied to the horse's hooves to add a bright dash of sparkly colour! Hoof balm works best in warmer conditions. Use your fingers or a brush to apply.

How to use Eco-Glitter Gel:
This all-natural gel can be applied to the horse's mane & tail, or directly to their fur to add a bright dash of sparkly colour!

How to use 24 piece chalks:
For a lasting, intense colour..

• Dampen the section of mane, tail or fur that you wish to colour.
• Apply the chalk by sweeping down the section and twisting through the hair.
• Apply one colour at a time.
• Take care when applying as colour may run onto your clothes in wet conditions.
• To remove wash with warm water & your regular shampoo.
• For a less intense colour these chalks can also be applied to dry mane/tail/fur.

How to use Eco-Glitter Tattoo Stencils:
Firstly, rub the stencil in your hands for a minute or so to warm it up.Then peel away the backing of your stencil, place the stencil on the area of the horse that you would prefer. Make sure that it is flat to the fur by pressing gently but firmly, from one side of the stencil to the other. Next, cover the fur revealed within the stencil with glue, then sprinkle (or for a more even look) use a dry brush to cover the glue with glitter. Once the glue is covered then immediately remove the stencil in the direction of the coat growth. It is advised that the stencils are not left on for more than a couple of days in case of skin irritation. However, they can last far longer, and will remove naturally from the coat over time.

Unicorn Sparkles Gift Set - Hoof Balm Version

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