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Have fun this Halloween with this great little starter kit! This is the eco-glitter version of the regular Halloween Stencil Starter Kit. Eco-Glitter will biodegrade back into the earth gradually over time, making it much kinder on the environment than regular plastic glitter.

These stencils can be placed onto the horse to create a festive, glittery, non-toxic, temporary tattoo, that can easily be removed with soap and water. 

Simply peel away the backing of the stencil, placing the stencil on the area of the horse that you would prefer. Make sure that it is flat to the fur by pressing gently, but firmly from one side of the stencil to the other. Next, cover the fur revealed in the stencil with glue, then either sprinkle - or for a more even look - use a dry brush to cover the glue with the glitter colour of your choice. Once the glue is covered with the preferred amount of glitter, then remove the stencil in the direction of coat growth.It is advised that the stencils are not left on for more than a couple of days in case of skin irritation developing, however, they can last for far longer than that, and will remove from the coat naturally over time.

This kit contains 1 x Glitter Tub (colour of your choosing), 1 x Tub of Glue, and 1 x Stencil (shape of your choosing).A choice of Snowman, Gift, Christmas Stocking, Christmas Tree, "Ho, Ho, Ho!" or "I <3 Santa" stencil.

A choice of either Bright Plum, Bright Pink, Blush, Sea Green (Turquoise), Pacific Blue, Silver, Gold eco-glitter. 

Unicorn Sparkles Christmas Tattoo Stencil Kit

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