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Zero In Ultra Power

A giant, reusable fly trap—up to 80,000 flies. 

It includes a super effective fly attractant which is ideal for smallholdings, stables and yards—suitable for big fly problems! 
It has faster catch-rates by using multiple entry ports.  

Outdoor use—attracts flies up to 10 meter radius.  Refills are available.

Zero In Ultra Power is a premium quality range of pest control products for home and business use alike. The extensive range of products includes new and exclusive insecticide formulations that deliver lasting control of flying and crawling insects. 

Giant, reusable fly trap lures and kills up to 60,000 flies, super-effective fly bait is included
Insect catcher must be used outdoors, in gardens, attracts flies up to a 10 m radius, and prevents them from entering homes and buildings
Outdoor fly trap attracts flies - insects can get in, but can't get out, trap has multiple holes in which flies can enter - catches insects faster
Simple to set-up and use, poison and chemical-free way to attract and trap flies in outdoor areas
Refill with outdoor fly trap bait refill (ZER542)

Instructions for use

    Remove the plastic lid from the product and push out the plastic bottom.
    Empty the bait into the bucket and fill the plastic sack to the fill line as marked on the product.
    Hang at least 10 metres from the home and dispose of contents after 4 weeks. 

Ultra Power 'Ultimate' Outdoor Fly Trap

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