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Disposable fly trap—holds up to 20,000 flies.  Just add water to activate.  Flies can’t get out.  
Resealable for extended life.  Outdoor use—attracts flies up to 10 meter radius.

Why use the Outdoor Fly Trap

    Ready baited - just add water
    Kills up to 20,000 flies
    Flies get into the trap and can't escape
    Bait provided effectively lures flies
    Easy to set up and simple to use
    No mess when disposing of used trap and dead flies

This disposable fly trap lures and kills up to 20,000 flies - just add water to activate the bug attractant!
It is a resealable insect catcher that must be used outdoors, and attracts flies up to a 10 m radius, and prevents them from entering homes and buildings.
Insects can get in, but can't get out!
It's simple to set-up and use, and is a poison and chemical-free way to attract and trap flies in outdoor areas.
Powerful, professional quality disposable fly catcher is suitable for domestic and commercial use

Directions for use

 *  Twist the trap cap to release and pull out, not removing the top completely
*   Pour water into the top of the trap, leaving the sachet inside so it dissolves. Fill the trap to the fill line marked in blue
*   Hang in position using the plastic hook provided. Hang 3-10 metres away from the home
*   When filled with flies, twist the cap back into closed position and dispose of trap in household refuse

Ultra Power Outdoor Fly Trap

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