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A waterproof shield to help protect against soil-borne infections.

Ensure your horse wins the war against mud with Thomas Pettifer's Leg Shield. Leg Shield forms a waterproof barrier to help prevent mud, dirt and water from damaging the legs and lower body. Use of Leg Shield will dramatically help reduce your horse or pony’s likelihood of contracting mud fever or other soil borne-infections. For use prior to hacking, cross country and especially on horses turned out in muddy paddocks. Contains high quality silicones which helps facilitate easy grooming.


Carbopol 940

Silicone emulsion

Triethanolamine standard

Kenawax red dye


Directions for Use

Smooth over belly and legs until invisible. For optimum protection, apply to dry, clean legs and belly. Invisible in use.

Thomas Pettifer Leg Shield 400g

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