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The Sticky Trap black bucket is prepared, ready for use and fixed to catch! The rope is about 40 cm long, it has a drilling screw at the end of the rope, and the iron handle has been removed for better movement. 

The only thing you need to do is hang the bucket 80 -100 cm from the ground in a sunny spot near to where the horsefly problem area is. We advise that you hang the trap in a place where you will also get air movement (wind) to make the bucket move better (the movement makes the bucket more attractive to the horseflies). We also advise to put 3-4 traps at 10.000 m2 / 5 horses (around them) or 2 in a normal garden. The next thing is to take a brush and brush the Sticky Trap horsefly trap glue onto the bucket. To get a thicker and more sticky coating brush the bucket an extra time after several weeks. 

Sticky Trap Horsefly Black Bucket

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