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Sticky Trap Horsefly Trap Glue is what makes our traps sticky! The Sticky Trap Glue has been specially developed for catching horseflies, stable flies, and other biting insects around people and livestock. The basic recipe originated in the US and is used around the world to catch aggressive biting insects. Sticky Trap Horsefly Trap Glue is made from natural minerals, light brown in colour, sticks for a long period (up to 20 weeks!), and will not attract pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies. Sticky Trap Horsefly Trap Glue’s unique recipe makes it water and heat resistant up to 70 degrees Celsius. It is also eco-friendly and completely safe to use. Sticky Trap has an adhesive power that is specially designed to catch small biting insects and is completely harmless to all others (humans & animals). We do however, recommend hanging traps out of reach and to not apply more then a thin layer (1 -2 mm.)

USE: Apply the Sticky Trap glue to the object with a brush or spatula. Traps can be made of various materials, however plastic is the most suitable. For biting horseflies we recommend a black bucket. Hang it upside down in an open area so that it can move in the wind and get warm and attract the biting horsefly. Inside stables and barns white buckets, milk cartons and similar products can be used to catch (stable) flies. Buckets can be easily cleaned using a spatula, and so can be used year after year. For more information, building guides and videos visit:

The benefits of Sticky Trap Horsefly Trap Glue:
* The worlds leading number 1 flytrap glue
* The only glue to use when making horsefly traps & insects traps
* Made to the highest quality.
* 100% Economically made from natural ingredients & free from pesticides
* Up to 30 horsefly traps can be made with a 1,5L bucket of Sticky Trap.
*Buckets are easily cleaned with a spatula, can be used year after year.
* Rain and heat resistant up 70 degrees
* Safe for humans and animals
* Insects that pollinate such as bees, butterflies and other important species will not be attracted to sticky trap

How to make the cheapest horsefly trap?

Drill a hole in the top of the bucket and string a rope through the hole. Run the rope through a metal ring and tie a knot so that the rope cannot go back through the hole. A big and sturdy knot may suffice as well. Screw a small hook in the underside of a bar that is approximately 50cm long. Hang the rope that is attached to the bucket on the hook (see picture). The ideal height of the bucket is 100 cm above the ground. Mount the bar onto one of the field poles. It’s important that it is placed near vegetation, if possible. It should also catch enough sunlight so that the bucket can get warm. The placing has to be in an open area, so that the bucket can move in the wind. Finally apply glue to the outside of the bucket. Wear gloves, it’s called sticky for a reason! The bucket should hang outside of the field. If not, your horse will brush against the trap, and the flies will stick to your horse and not the trap! This will not harm your horse, but it’s certainly not pleasant. Besides the usage near horses, cattle’s or other animals, the Sticky Trap Horsefly Glue is also ideal for camp sides, swim and recreation parks, gardens and other places where horseflies / biting and ennoying insects are active!

Sticky Trap Glue

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