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The Smart Manes thinning rake will actually thin out a really thick mane quickly and effortlessly.
As there is no backcombing involved, many horses that usually object to traditional mane pulling, will happily stand and not even know this is being used.

Grades available:

Coarse - Great for a more natural finish. Good for coarse/wiry types of mane. The teeth are spaced out more widely allowing thick hair to pass through more easily.

Medium - Perfect for the average unruly mane, this will cope with medium to soft hair.

Fine - Suitable for very soft manes and for manes which have already been tidied.

Brush through the mane first and put on the “wrong side”.  Comb through with a Smart Manes starting at the top, one stroke at a time working down. Brush back on to correct side.  If you want a level finish – then use a thinning, knife, razor comb or scissor carefully to get a straight final finish . 

Please note, the Smart Manes will thin the hair very quickly so be careful not to remove too much hair in one go as this can cause the hair to grow back rather spiky.

The blade width of the Smart Manes is 3' and the blades are removable/interchangeable so can be replaced when blunt or a different grade is needed.

Smart Grooming Smart Mane Thinner

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