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You can now buy Eco-Glitter Hoof Balms in a pack of 3! SAVING YOU MONEY, and giving you more colour options!

Our Pack of 3 = £19.99
RRP for 3×Eco-Glitter Gels = £23.97!!

Unicorn Sparkles "Eco-Glitter" Hoof Balm is an environmentally friendly, all-natural, nourishing balm that can be applied to the horse's hooves to add a bright dash of sparkly colour! Perfect for fancy dress competitions, or just as a fun addition to your regular grooming routine. The added colour is a great way to encourage children to gain an interest in grooming and to bond with their pony, whilst creating magical unicorns! This balm is made from 100% natural ingredients (ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils) and is 100% biodegradable. It acts like any other hoof balm, but with added fun! Made from a cosmetic grade bio-glitter, these products are safe to use around horses, and the glitter will naturally biodegrade into the surroundings over time - no more plastic pollution in our oceans!
For best results, keep balm in a warm environment for easier application.
* As an added note, please keep all products away from small animals. Some essential oils can be damaging to small animals such as cats and dogs. * Please always patch test a small area of your horse 24hrs before each use to check for any allergic reactions. Currently available in Gold, Silver, Purple, Blue, Turquoise, Red and Bright Pink.

Unicorn Sparkles Eco-Glitter Hoof Balms - Set of 3

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