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Designed to support protect and immobilize injured thumb joints. Is comfortable to wear and with the adjustable stay fitted helps restrict extension and flexion and immobilize thumb motion for sprains and strains. Adjustable stay can be re-shaped to provide support in varying planes for example set with the thumb straight or bent as required. Also provides support to the wrist with its wrap around design.

This multi adjustable 3mm Neoprene Thumb Splint provides warmth, compression and comfort.

With the stay removed can also be worn as a stand alone compressive support.

Provides relief for ailments commonly associated with:-

    Skiers thumb.
    Game-keepers thumb.
    Sporting related injuries.

Thumb splint Features:

    Fitted with Adjustable stay.
    Provides good comfort and compression.
    Limits thumb extension and flexion.
    4-Way Stretch Fabric.
    Infinite user adjustment.
    Reversable for left or right hand.

What you can expect from the Thumb splint:-

Provides good thumb stability with, comfort and compression. Helps to alleviate pain by reflecting the bodys’ natural heat back into the joint and surrounding areas.

One size.  


Proline Thumb Splint

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