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To help in the prevention and treatment of Patella Tendonitis (jumpers or runners knee), Chondromalacia, Osgood Schlatter's Disease (OSD), Patella Instability and other similar knee conditions. The Knee Strap applies uniform compression which guides the patella and improves tracking, helping to alleviate stress and pain in problem knees.

Manufactured from 3mm neoprene which stretches, allowing infinite adjustment to the strap for a comfortable fit which will not impede circulation or restrict mobility. An internal tube applies gentle pressure to the patella tendon helping to lift the knee cap (patella) that reduces wear and irritation under and around this area.

To fit Place the strap with the tube positioned just in the groove below knee cap, tighten to apply uniform tension compression.

The Knee strap is designed to provide comfort for the patella by providing compression and patella stability. Eases aches & pains.

What you can expect from the Knee strap:-

The Knee Strap is designed to be comfortable when worn while providing support and compression to the areas below & surrounding the patella, plus stability and improved tracking to the patella. Eases aches & pains.

Provides relief for ailments commonly associated with:

    Patella Tendonitis.
    Osgood Schlatter’s Disease (OSD).
    Patella Instability.

Knee strap Features:

    Comfort and compression to the patella.
    Uniform compression
    Improves patella tracking.
    Alleviate stress and pain.
    Slim design that can be worn under clothing.
    Designed for all activities.

One Size. 


Proline Patella Knee Strap

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