*   Comes in a set of 4 boots
* Simple wraps that allow for full airflow whilst protecting your horse on the road with High Viz reflective strips
* Can be used over leg protection, or applied to leg alone depending on rider's preference
* No neoprene! Fully breathable using 3D material
* Natural qualities of air provides proven thermoregulation without ice
* Fully breathable using 3D material throughout, no neoprene!
* Hygienic - boots come with standard removable liners for easy washing to maintain hygiene. Boots and liners can be hosed, or washed in machine
* Quick dry - boots dry in up to 30min after total submergence in water
* Super lightweight - even lighter than 160g! So not limiting performance through weight

HUSK Technology High Viz Leg Wraps

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    High Fashion Equine 2020

    United Kingdom

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