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All in one spray and grooming brush for horses. The integrated spray brush makes for safer grooming, Two jobs, one hand!!

Does your horse spook with bottle sprays? Not with the Hushbrush!

Being able to hold the horse or pony whilst carrying out basic care is important to minimise the risk of incidents. The new Hushbrush® enables the handler to both spray e.g. Fly spray on to the coat, without the risk of ‘spooking’ and then brushing that product in simultaneously with just one hand. 

• Clean, Shine and Protect
• Reduce Wastage
• Two jobs with one hand!
• Ideal for Fly spray*, De-tangler, Show etc.

The 2-in-1 brush for every grooming kit. 

The Hushbrush® is a new, innovative all-in-one groom and spray brush for the equine market and is the first of its kind. The Hushbrush® is a brush with an integrated spray dispenser. The liquid of choice is decanted into the body of the brush and by using a switch selector, the liquid will be sprayed from the front using quick, short bursts or from the underside, efficiently and gently spraying to different parts of your horse with ease.


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