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FREE New Generation Curry Comb & Drawstring Bag with every HAAS Brush Set!
This set is ideal for those of you that have multiple horses & colours. Whether you have a sensitive chestnut, or a grey that loves a good scratch, this pack has a brush selection for them all! The HAAS Universal Pack has a mix of brushes that will leave your horse's coat with a beautiful, glossy finish no matter what colour their fur!
This is a 7 brush set which includes brushes that are excellent at removing stable stains, some that have extra long fibres to reach deep down into the coat to remove dirt and grime close to the skin, as well as high gloss finish brushes.
Instructions on the best brushes for each fur type are included within the pack, making grooming even easier!

HAAS Universal Brush Set for All Fur Colours

£125.00 Regular Price
£110.00Sale Price
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