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FREE New Generation Curry Comb and drawstring bag with every Pack purchase!


Pack of 4 Haas Brushes - great value!


Grey, White & Coloured horses tend to have a coat that feels relatively soft, however, it can actually be quite robust fur, and can also retain stubborn stains. Their skin is usually not very sensitive and most love to have a good scratch; therefore they relish being groomed with a coarser brush! We've reflected this in the brush choices for this pack!



Brush 1 - Strong coconut fibers are ideal for removing tenacious stains on white coat, white legs or patches.

Brush 2 - Exclusive horse hair brush with slightly longer outer bristles for excellent grooming results, leather hand strap.

Brush 3 - Brush with white soft horse hair, leather strap, for extra shiny results.

Brush 4 - Lambskin from Matthes is surrounded by a rim fo horsehair, which gives a perfect, shiny finish. A black laquered back and leather hand strap. All 200 x 85 mm 


Also included within the pack is a FREE Haas New Generation Curry Comb, which is perfect for scraping off mud and stains, but also for cleaning brushes without causing damage to the bristles (unlike regular metal curry combs).


Instructions included.

Haas Brush Set for Stain Remover & Shine (Grey/White/Coloured/Dun/Palamino)

£80.00 Regular Price
£70.40Sale Price
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