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FREE New Generation Curry Comb and drawstring bag with every Pack purchase!


The HAAS Brush Pack for Dark Bay/Black Fur contains 5 Haas Brushes - great value!


Dark Bay and Black horses tend to have a short, robust coat, and due to their colour they can produce an excess of oil. Black horses also sweat a lot. This sweat can mix with the excess oil and become very hard to remove with regular brushes.

Our Haas pack for Dark Bay/Black Horses includes five brushes that ensure that dirt and non-essential oils on the skin are removed, with only a healthy amount of oil remaining.


Use the brushes in the order shown below:


Brush 1 - This brush is made from a mixture of grey and black horsehair. The combination of these bristles creates a superior cleaning result.

Brush 2 - Strong, shorter horsehair bristles in the centre surrounded by longer black bristles. Useful for black and dark bay coats, which can produce more oils.

Brush 3 - Exclusive horsehair brush with slightly longer outer bristles for excellent grooming results.

Brush 4 – A brush with soft, white horsehair, for an extra shiny result!

Brush 5 – This is created with lambskin from Matthes, surrounded by a rim of horsehair, which creates a perfect shiny look!


Haas New Generation Curry Comb - Perfect for scraping off mud & stains, but also for cleaning brushes without causing damage to the bristles (unlike regular metal curry combs). All 200 x 85 mm FREE Haas New Generation Curry Comb also included within your order!


Instructions included.

Haas Brush Set for High Shine (suits Dark Bay/Black Fur)

£100.00 Regular Price
£88.00Sale Price
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