Give your horse 24/7 protection at a fraction of the cost of sprays or gels
Comes with:

2 x horse leg bands, 
1 x multi clip
3 x Neem Extra Tablets 
3 x Citro Extra Tablet 
3x DEET Extra Inserts 

One of the best protections against flies

Strap to your horse's leg with ease, or clip the Fly-Off clip included within the kit on to your riding clothing or regular clothing and bag to keep flies away from you

Can be used even with sensitive skin 

Waterproof, cost effective and each inserts lasts 14 days

Deet Tablet:
Contains 50% DEET, Citronella & Eucalyptus. A very strong fly repellent repelling most types of flies. Also works well alongside the NEEM Tablet. Not recommended to be used with young babies or near horses noses to prevent it being breathed in. We recommended that you use the Citro Tablet when placing near the face.

Neem Tablet:
Neem Oil is an essential oil which is thought to repel most insects including fruit flies, wasps & horse flies. It has a very strong & distictive smell which is not pleasent to the human nose and very bitter in taste. Lavender and Peppermint has been added to make the smell more pleasent. This also repels fleas, ticks, mites and lice along with most biting flies, but doesnt seem to be as effective on common flies as the Citro tablet or DEET Tablet.

Citro Tablet:
Contains Citronela, Eucalyptus and Gereniol which is a pleasant smell,  and also strong! Ideal to wear on days when you need more protection. The Citro Tablet repels most flies but doesn't repel fruit flies or wasps. It is recommended to be used alongside the Neem Tablets. This combination of oils is thought to repel most biting flies and is excellent at repelling common flies along with some ticks, lice and mites. 

Clever design!

These tablets have been designed to include a hole which can be used to loop string through to create a homemade holder if needed. Although the holders create protection from the sunlight, elongating the life of the tablet, the string is a quick an easy alternative!

For optimum results use 2 straps on a diagonal pair to receive full fly coverage!

Fly-Off Horse & Rider Starter Kit