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All round tested protection for all disciplines – whether you’re hacking down the road or jumping cross country!

If you are looking for an everyday boot for lunging, hacking, schooling, jumping then why compromise your horses comfort and protection with a brushing boot? When the Equilibrium All Sports Boots do everything, a brushing boot can and more. Plus, they are so easy to clean you can use them for competitions too!

Extremely lightweight; they even float on water!

Safety tested in an independent laboratory.


Breathable, allows the heat out to reduce the temperature of your horses' leg.

All round protection with four-layer system, including integral tendon guard.

Used on both front and hind legs.

Sold in pairs.

Protection provided by the All Sports Boots for horses.

The boot design uses a four-layer system, each chosen for their unique properties.

The first layer is provides a inner lining that sits against the horses' leg. Made from perforated EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), the liner sits comfortably against the leg. The perforations allow heat to escape and aids breathability, while the flexibility of the material allows it to mould to the horses' leg.

Layer two is a strong nylon mesh. This adds another layer of protection to the sports boots, but also stops any debris making its way into the boot towards your horses' leg.

Layer three is the internal guard made from vinyl - a strong, durable and moisture resistant material. This layer is placed over the vulnerable tendon area and is made with strips of material to allow it to mould around the horses leg. This allows the horse to move freely without the feeling of a ‘splint’.

Lastly, the outer layer is a EVA waffle. Commonly used in the soles of human shoes and as padding on sports equipment, this material is durable, breathable, and protective! We’ve made sure it's easy to clean and maintain too!

Who are Tri-Zone All Sports Boots for?

Anyone can use Tri-Zone All Sports Boots! However here are a few scenarios they are commonly used in:

as a breathable turnout boot

a lightweight cross country with internal tendon protection

a hacking or endurance boot that doesn't hold water

a comfortable flatwork boot offering all round protection

as a durable and long-lasting everyday boot.

How do I care for the Tri-Zone All Sports Boot?

Machine washable at 30 degrees, so you can quickly and easily clean your boots. Our Hook Cleaner Brush can also help keep your straps debris free and prolong their life.

Or for quick day to day care, you can give them a short rinse on the yard and leave them to dry ready for the next day.

Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sports Boot

£55.56 Regular Price
£50.00Sale Price
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