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Extend eating times and help prevent boredom with this small-holed net designed to hold our munch range of fibre blocks.

Hanging up your munch or fibre block allows you to use your munch in a variety of ways to help combat boredom in horses.

• Specially designed to hold a 1kg munch block

• Hang in the stable or lorry or trailer when you are out and about

• Combine the munch net with a munch block for a perfect boredom breaker

• Use whilst horse is tied up for the farrier, vet, physio or just for grooming

• Prolongs the eating of vitamunch or munch snacks

• EU Registered Design

• Available in blue, pink, purple and red

• One size

• Horses are trickle feeders and therefore their stomachs continually produce acid, feeding fibre in the form of blocks in a small-holed net, can help buffer this acid as chewing produces acid-buffering saliva.

Equilibrium Munch Net

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