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Lightweight and breathable, this combo fly rug is the perfect tail to poll protection your horse needs during the summer months, particularly when midges are biting!

Keep your horse protected against summer irritants, with our Field Relief Horse Fly Rug. Made from yellow coloured mesh, featuring our generic Field Relief orange and black binding, whether you’re wanting to keep your horse protected from flies or UV rays this rug is a must for your horses’ summer wardrobe.

Provides 80% UV Protection.

Made from lightweight mesh.

Features an anti-rub lining.

Fully adjustable for comfort.

The inspiration behind the Field Relief Horse Fly Rug

Research that the colour yellow repels flies is the inspiration behind the Field Relief Fly Rug. It is a full fly rug with yellow coloured mesh with orange and black binding, and fits in seamlessly with our new and updated Field Relief Fly Masks to keep your horse protected from sun, dirt and those pesky flies from the tips of their noses all the way to their tails! It is also a UV fly rug to ensure horses are protected from not only the flies, but the suns rays too.

We know that when your horse is in the field, he wants to feel as comfortable as possible; our combo fly rug incorporates an anti-rug lining down the neck, over the withers and on the chest – great for those who are thin haired and suffer with rubbing. Featuring several adjustable straps on the neck, chest and belly flap ensures that your horses fly rug fits exactly how you want it too!

Equilibrium Field Relief Fly Rug

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