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A quick alternative to bandages, these stable boots to keep horses’ legs clean, warm and comfortable.

Experience next level comfort with the stable chaps for horses. An alternative to stable bandages, the Stable Chaps:

Keep legs clean in the stable.

Offer gentle compression, similar to a bandage.

Encase the lower leg from below the knee/hock to the coronet band.

Keep legs and joints warm in the colder months.

Easy to wash and quick to dry.

What inspired the Stable Boots?

We’ve seen what winter conditions can do to horses legs. Equilibrium wanted to provide a simple solution for horse owners to keep their horses comfortable when standing in the stable, but convenient for use too.

What material is used in the Stable Chaps?

The inner liner is made from a soft fabric which is particularly useful when the horse has come in from the field cold and wet or after exercise. It also ensures that the horse remains comfortable when left in the stable chaps overnight.
The outer fabric is smooth which helps to repel shavings, straw, dust and dirt and is easy to clean and wash.

Why do the Stable Chaps fit so far down the leg?

For maximum coverage and protection, the Stable Chaps extend from below the knee/hock all the way down to the coronet band.

Who are the Stable Chaps for?

These stable boots are perfect for horse owners who would like to:

Keep legs clean in the stable.

Use an alternative to bandages without the faff.

Help protect against knocks and scuffs in the stable.

Keep their older horses’ legs and joints warmer in the winter months.

Help dry off horses’ legs after being in the field or ridden.

Caring for the Stable Chaps:

Machine washable at 30 degrees, and quick to dry means they are easy to care for. Keeping them clean will help to maintain good skin health. Our Hook Cleaner Brush can help to keep the straps clean and debris free.

Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps

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