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FREE DELIVERY with every Epiony order.

The Epiony Heat Pad has been designed and developed to be used on people and animals such as equines, canines and felines just to name a few.
The innovative lightweight, flexible, super soft Heat Pad runs off a 12 volt smart lithium ion battery, providing soothing heat to all and delivering amazing results to hundreds of happy customers.
This product provides drug free pain relief from sore muscles/arthritic joints or simply used for relaxation purposes to reduce stress. 
Adjustable elastic strap:
1. 180cm length recommended for use on people and small animals e.g dogs.
2. 215cm length recommended for use on larger animals e.g horses
**1 year quality guarantee covers manufacturing faults, excludes damage caused by the customer or animal**

Temperature will vary due to environmental conditions it is used in,
1. Red LED (47°c-49°c)-use on horses and animals with a thick coat. Peoples knees and other joints to provide pain relief (especially arthritis)
2. Orange LED (44°c-46°c)-use on peoples backs (consider using it over a thin t-shirt if you have sensitive skin to heat but can be used directly on the skin, just turn down if it feels too warm) and clipped out horses if red is too warm for them.
4. Green LED (41°c-43°c)- use on peoples back and if a person wishes to lay down on the pad
5. Flashing Green LED (37°c-40°c)-same as green above just slightly cooler.
This is just a rough guide, if used on yourself drop down a setting if too warm, if used on animals make sure they aren’t too warm by carrying out regular checks, never leave the pad unsupervised.
  -Use 15-20 minutes before a ride to help cold backed horses, 15-20 minutes after a ride to relax
- 30 minutes - 1 hour a day for treatment of a problem area on people or animals.
- 30 minutes a day for maintenance or relaxation sessions.
- There is no maximum length of time you can leave it on.


Heat therapy dilates the blood vessels of the muscles . This process increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, helping to heal the damaged tissue and increase the elimination of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste.

Heat stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which means that applying heat to any part of the body, on both people and animals, will decrease transmissions of pain signals to the brain and partially relieve discomfort.

Heat therapy will decrease stiffness, improve flexibility and improve overall feeling of comfort. 

The Heat Pad is excellent at aiding relaxation and reducing stress


The Heat Pad (33cm*45cm)

A tough 600D polyester protective bag (Also hand made in the UK) 

170 cm long neoprene waist belt (can be cut down or folded to size)

An elastic strap (surcingle)

A 12 volt smart lithium ion battery with four temperature settings

A charger


We have safety as our first thought, the battery has a special built in thermostat to prevent from over heating. If the battery becomes too warm then the battery itself will turn off automatically.


The battery pack is mobile and can be moved from the heat pad onto the neoprene waist belt. 

We are supporting the British manufacturing industry and have had The Heat Pad made in Britain.

**1 year quality guarantee,covers manufacturing faults, excludes damage caused by the customer or animal**


"My Heat Pad arrived today and I was so excited to try it on my horse. I put it on her back, in the area she typically holds tension, for 15 minutes and she absolutely loved it. She was so content that she dozed off with her head in my lap. She is a very alert and impatient horse and it takes a lot to get her to relax (when she gets a massage, she spends most of the time pawing the ground!) but it was amazing to see her so relaxed with the Heat Pad. I also tried it on my lower back and it felt amazing. I am so glad that I made the purchase!"
-Lees J.
"I had a fall off my horse last weekend and I have fractured my back. I am in a back brace and having really back pain due to me clenching my whole back to protect it. I had thought about the epiony for the horses but a friend who had the same injury a while ago recommended the product. It’s amazing. The heat is so soothing and lying down isn’t agony. Amazing product and I can’t wait to try it on the horses when I am up and going again x"
-Tait S.
"It was time to ditch the hot water bottles ( that I would stand there holding for what felt like hours) and have my Christmas present early. Harry has had a sore lumber area and tight shoulder. We let him relax with his heat pad before we do his stretches, before work. It was so handy to take with us yesterday for the Pony Club XC fun day that I wished I’d got one earlier! Portable and so easy to use. Thoroughly recommend it!"
-Barber S.

Epiony Heat Pad

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