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Save money with this amazing Back Therapy Bundle! Beneficial to both your horse & you!

The VIP Saddle Pad can help your horse feel more comfortable UNDER saddle (as well as a great tool for their long term back health), but it can also help you to feel more comfortable IN the saddle - especially if you have a sensitive back, as the pad is pressure relieving and impact reducing, making the horse's movements more comfortable to sit to.

The Epiony Heat Pad is great for relieving tired, sore muscles on your horse, small pets & yourself! A great way to relax your horse before a ride, soothe after a ride, or to help with sore backs, legs, necks and bums!



With the well-being and performance of our horses in mind, we looked at the available gel pad products on the market and thought we could do better! We discovered Akton® Polymer as our raw material; a renowned viscoelastic polymer that has been rigorously tested worldwide in 40 years of human grade, peer reviewed, research. It is universally trusted in human clinical and sporting settings for its superior pressure relieving, impact and sheer force reducing qualities.

Every horse deserves to be a VIP!

The very important pad is unique:

* Superior textured structure gives high tensile strength, the key to maintaining shape under extreme and prolonged compression

* Soft, flexible and seamless with no pressure causing trims

* Moulds to your horses back like a low profile second skin

* A thin film gullet eliminates pressure on the horse’s spine

* Only 8mm thick so does not alter your saddle fit

* Bobbles increase surface area, alleviating pressure points and evenly distributing weight

* Non-sticky, does not cause friction or pluck hair when removed

* Made from Akton® Polymer, a renowned viscoelastic polymer

* Rigorously tested worldwide in 40 years of scientific research

* Universally trusted in human clinical and sporting settings for its superior pressure relieving, impact and sheer force reducing qualities

* Draws and disperses heat from the horses back, regulating temperature

* Hypoallergenic, easily cleanable and does not support bacterial growth

We have 5 colours of the VIP Original; Black, Blue, Gold, Coffee Brown and Warm White. The only difference between them is the colour, not the properties. 

They all fit a 17”-18.5” saddle for all disciplines. 

Actual colour may vary - Although we have tried our best to make these images true to colour, colour display may vary between devices.

RRP - £137.50

At Epiony we like to keep our products simple and easy to use, so like our very popular massage mitt, The Heat Pad has been designed to be used on both animals and people.

Heat therapy dilates the blood vessels of the muscles . This process increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, helping to heal the damaged tissue and increase the elimination of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste.

Heat stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which means that applying heat to any part of the body, on both people and animals, will decrease transmissions of pain signals to the brain and partially relieve discomfort.

Heat therapy will decrease stiffness, increase flexibility and improve overall feeling of comfort. Especially around the saddle and poll area on horses and lower back and shoulders on people

The Heat Pad is excellent at aiding relaxation and reducing stress 

The Heat Pad has been made from a light weight super soft leatherette fabric combined with heat resistant insulation wadding to trap and reflect the heat back onto the muscles to sooth and relax them.
The Heat Pad package includes;

The Heat Pad (33cm*45cm)

A tough 600D polyester protective bag

170 cm long neoprene waist belt (can be cut down or folded to size)

An elastic strap (surcingle) (two sizes available to choose from 180cm long or 215cm)

A 12 volt smart lithium ion battery with four temperature settings

A charger 

We have safety as our first thought, the battery has a special built in thermostat to prevent from over heating. If the battery becomes too warm then the battery itself will turn off automatically. 
Features-the battery pack is mobile and can be moved from the heat pad onto the neoprene waist belt. The logo has been created out of a gold foil which really adds the finishing touch. 
We are supporting the British manufacturing industry and have had The Heat Pad made in Britain. 

RRP - £139.95 
Comes with a 1 year guarantee

Back Therapy Bundle - Epiony Heat Pad & VIP Saddle Pad

£277.45 Regular Price
£255.00Sale Price
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